Lost Thoughts for Oculus Rift

Oculus RiftDeveloping a game in 10 weeks is certainly a challenge. Doing it with a small team of 9 students raises the bar. But throwing in the Oculus Rift development kit brought in the incentive and motivation to make this work. Behold Lost Thoughts, an immersive virtual reality game with a story to tell.

Why am I in this weird, spherical maze? And why is it so dark? Who is this girl calling out to me? With the clever metaphor of getting inside the head of Joel, the player has a lot of questions to answer and only a set of matches to light the few torches that light the way, as a means of getting along. Will you get out of the maze in time? Will you solve the riddle?

Concept art for Lost Thoughts.

Concept art for Lost Thoughts.

Using Unity3D, 3D Studio Max, C# and some web technologies, the Slate team worked hard to conceive an intriguing game design supported with beautiful, atmospheric concept art. Subsequently, they applied a scrum-of-scrums approach overarching the game design, game development and quality assurance teams. After only 10 weeks, the demo was presented at a festive launch party at Hanze University, Groningen in the presence of various enthousiasts and professionals from the games industry. Receiving positive responses on the two demo setups, only one brave-hearted guest was able to escape the red-eyed dark phantoms and get out of the metaphoric maze.

You can download the game and try it for yourself. You can also check the development and team details here. A video of the Launch Party can be seen here.

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